Daniele Grech, Italy

Daniele Grech is a marine biologist focused on coastal ecology, in the fields of research and monitoring of Mediterranean priority habitats (Posidonia oceanica, Coralligenous assemblage, Fucales marine forests). At present, he has been involved in a range of projects aiming to assess the conservation of marine ecosystems and the management of marine resources through direct in situ observation and cartographic tools, with emphasis on not destructive sampling methods. He has also experience in fishing technology (by-catch assessment, turtle excluder devices – TEDs) and artificial barriers monitoring. Recently he experienced also the powerful tools of Citizen Science by the conceivement of the first citizen science project on brown algae Cystoseira and Sargassum (Progetto Fucales: chi le ha viste?) and the management of others (Pinna nobilis: ricerca per la sopravvivenza). He is currently working as a research fellow at the IMC Foundation on the conservation of coastal ecosystems and the management of marine bio-resources. https://www.fondazioneimc.it/collaboratore/daniele-grech/
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Daniele Grech is a citizen scientist of Marine forests since June 3, 2019, 1:16 p.m.

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