Levi Pompermayer Machado, Brazil

Professor of Aquatic biology and Algae Culture. I have experience in topics related to seaweed biotechnology and the cultivation of these organisms in laboratory. I am motivated to research with diversity survey, culture for biomass production, biotechnology and food applications of seaweed. Seeking to production associated with integrated multi-trophic aquaculture or ecosystem services platforms and sustainable. Currently coordinate the project "Revealing the marine diversity of the Vale do Ribeira: Illustrated guides of Seaweed and Invertebrates" Project goal The potential of marine resources in Brazil is not used in a rational way. This reality is a product of the lack of knowledge regarding the importance and possible applications for these resources. It is common reports of users of these environments associating the presence of marine organisms, for example macroalgae, as indicative of impacted environments. However, these communities have high biotechnological potential (food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and agricultural), along with ecological importance. In this way, the present initiative seeks to contribute to the knowledge of marine communities in Vale do Ribeira - SP Brazil . Finally the project intends to insert the population with generating agent and knowledge diffuser. Background and motivation Seaweeds are an important fishing resource, still poor used in Brazil. The Vale do Ribeira represents an important reserve of biodiversity, however even being part of the most developed state (São Paulo) in the country has the worst HDI. In this way the project aims to contribute to knowledge of the macroalgae species and provide subsidies that allow the future sustainable management of resources.
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Levi Pompermayer Machado is an associated coordinator of Marine forests since Aug. 18, 2017, 2:48 p.m.

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