Associate Coordinators

Specialists on marine forest species, commited to support biodiversity science.

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All around the world, specialists on marine forests are sharing data about the distribution of species and supporting citizen science by outreaching on social media and promoting local initiatives.

associate coordinators
Name Country
Brahim Sabour Morocco
Levi Pompermayer Machado Brazil
Elmer O. Quispe Salazar Peru
Milton Muldrow United States of America
Filipe Henriques Portugal
Jillian Ooi Malaysia
Juan J. Vergara Spain
Jarrett Byrnes United States of America
Paulo Horta Brazil
Eliza Fragkopoulou Greece
Jan Verbeek Portugal
Maggie Reddy South Africa
Aschwin Engelen Portugal
Daniele Grech None
Jorge Assis Portugal
Duarte Frade Portugal
Ester Serrão Portugal
Cayne Layton Australia
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