Ruppia maritima Linnaeus
Feb. 26, 1922
Duarte Frade

Ruppia maritima Linnaeus

Recorded in Netherlands (Feb. 26, 1922)

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Marine forest mature enough to reproduce.
Reference Naturalis - Botany catalogues.
Notes from Duarte Frade: "U.1574852- Ruppia maritima L." Copyright owned by Naturalis Biodiversity Center (Naturalis - Botany catalogues), made available under licence CC0 1.0 at: More info on licence terms: No changes were made to the image. Copyright owner is not responsible for any contents posted here. Label: " Europe; Netherlands; Nederland, Goes." Det. P. Heukels, Jan. 1980

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Recorded by Duarte Frade
Observed: Feb. 26, 1922
Submitted: December 09, 2019

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