Marine Forests : Terms of Service

June 15, 2017

The following terms govern the use of the website, as well as all related contents, products and services available through the website (entitled the "Website"). The Website is operated and owned by the Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR), Portugal. The Website is made available to users without modification of its terms and conditions.

Please read this document before accessing the Website. By accessing any part of the Website, the users agree to the terms of this document. The Website is accessible to users who are 18 or more years old. Younger users should access the Website in the company of an adult user.

The users who create an account on the Website are responsible for keeping the security of the account, and are responsible for all the activities and actions performed under the account or in association with the account. The users must not add contents to the account in an inappropriate or unlawful way. The Website may change or even remove any contents that might be considered inappropriate or unlawful. The users must notify the Website of any unauthorised access to the account or possible breaches of security. The Website will not be liable for the acts and omissions performed by users, which includes damages of any kind resulting from such acts or omissions.

The users who post any contents (e.g., pictures, videos, audio, texts, personal information) to the Website are responsible for the contents and for any harm that may result from the contents. By posting contents to the Website, the users warrant that:
1. the contents do not comprise or install viruses, Trojan horses, malware, worms, or other destructive content;
2. the contents are not machine-generated, nor spam, and do not cover unethical, commercial or further unlawful acts (e.g., phishing);
3. the contents are not defamatory and do not cover any kind of threat or incitement to violence aiming at other individuals or entities.

By submitting any contents to the Website, the users grant CCMAR a worldwide, non-exclusive royalty-free license, allowing CCMAR to reproduce, adapt, modify and publish the contents with the purpose of exhibiting, distributing and promoting the contents. The users warrant that (i) they own and control the rights to the published contents or have the right to publish such contents to the Website and (ii) the contents are correct and not misleading.

CCMAR has the right deny or terminate the access to the Website to any entity or individual for any reason.

CCMAR has not reviewed the contents published by the users, and cannot be responsible for the contents published, their use or effects. CCMAR does not endorse the contents published to the Website as accurate, non-harmful or useful.

The contents published by the users may be offensive, indecent, objectionable, technically inaccurate, and even possess other errors. The contents published by the users may violate the privacy or publicity rights, violate the intellectual property and disobey proprietary rights. CCMAR denies any responsibility for the usage of the Website.

It is the sole responsibility of the volunteers to ensure that the information and photos they contribute with follow all applicable laws and ethical and legal aspects.

Marineforests is not meant for use by children under age 13. Visitors aged between 13 and 18need their parents or guardians consent to use our platform.

CCMAR may change the Terms of Service of the Website at any time.

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